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If you needed a new sign, a copy machine, or your roof fixed, and you could either write a check, or trade an equal amount of products or services for the expense, what would you rather do? Most businesses would rather barter. It saves cashflow, and creates a transaction that otherwise might not occur. But one on one barter is difficult. We are the nations largest barter network utilizing the ITEX dollars. Operating as ITEX Midwest, we operate the 2nd largest ITEX franchise in the ITEX family serving companies in Southern Wisconsin, Chicago, NW Indiana, and Cleveland

The premise is simple. We promote your offerings, as you define them, to our business clients. Could be new product offers or it could be excess inventory. As you accept sales, you receive ITEX dollars in an account. You can then use this credit for other expenses you might have ie. signage, travel, office needs, building maintenance, etc.???? with any of our members.

The net effect: New revenues and conserved cash.

Our corporate name is Enterprise Advantage Corp. Our name defines our goal...offer every advantage we can to every enterprise we work for. Yes, this means the benefits of our barter network but as well, how can we build relationships for our members that generate new business? How can we guide our clients to make profitable business decisions to help them grow? How can we give good counsel to insure the success of our members? This is our goal, this is our passion, this is our name.

There are a total of some 900 member companies in our Chicago/NW Indiana network and 500 in our Cleveland network.  Not all members are listed but you can view the 'local members' to get just an idea of the broad assortment of options available or, contact our office for more information about members right around you.

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